How to Use a Striped Rug

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Sometimes all you need to dress up a dull space is a stylish rug. One of the favorite style of rugs to add a pop is a striped rug. It can add a beautiful design element without making the space look too crazy. There are countless areas you can dress up with a rug. With hardwood floors, there are even more spaces to add rugs.

A striped rug can add so much to a space; color, texture, design, functionality, just to name a few. There’s no need to add a boring rug to a room when you can add a fun striped one. Here is how to use a striped rug in different areas of your home.

In the Living Room

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Since the living room is probably the largest open area in your house, this is the spot to use a big striped rug. If you’re someone that has more neutral shades of furniture and decor, you could use a colorful striped rug to add some flair. On the other hand, if you like adding pops of color with pillows or artwork, using a more neutral rug may be a better option.

The living room is such a great area to make a statement with a striped rug. There are numerous color choices so you are bound to find one that goes with your style.

On the Patio

GA-04 from Garrett by Loloi

A favorite place to use a striped rug is out on the patio. This trend is becoming more and more popular. Laying down a rug is also perfect if the flooring of your patio or deck is not in the best shape or isn’t very appealing. A striped rug is a perfect solution to cover the area and create a beautiful space to relax in.

During the summer is a great time to buy a striped rug for your patio or deck. Having a nice rug will make your house the best place to host summer barbecues. Adding a rug to your patio can really make all the difference.

In the Bathroom

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Many people already use rugs in their bathroom, so why not make your bathroom stand out with a striped one? You can use a rectangular or circular rug. If you’re someone that spends your mornings in the bathroom, you want to stand on something fluffy and soft.

In the morning, your feet can get cold easier, and if you have cold tiles in your bathroom, a rug can add some warmth to your feet. Bathroom rugs have multiple benefits, and those are just a few.

In the Kitchen

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There are not many places in a kitchen that allow for a rug. The main spot is usually in front of the sink. It’s a spot you most likely spend the most time standing on in the kitchen. Having a nice, comfortable rug is nice when standing in the kitchen doing dishes.

If you have a galley kitchen with extra length, you could also add a runner rug. Since you’re most likely cooking in your kitchen, you may want a rug that you can easily clean if it gets food and stains on it.

In the Hallway

Nova Stripes from Bodrum by NuLoom

One of the most neglected areas in your home that may need a rug is the hallway. A hallway can look dark and boring from day to day. A striped rug is just the thing to add some color, pattern, and texture to what is normally a neglected part of your home.

In hallways, using a long runner is best. It can add to the length of the hallway and can help with possible slipping on hardwood or non-carpeted floors, which is an added benefit.

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