Coziest Rug Materials

TG-01 from Tangier Shag by Loloi

For many people throughout the country, temperatures are warming up and toes are itching to ditch the winter footwear and break out the sandals and flip flops. Even better are the bare feet which become the norm come late spring and summer.

What’s better to welcome toes than a soft, cozy rug? Whether you’re searching for an inviting way to wake up your feet in the morning or a comfy outdoor rug to give them a respite from the hot sidewalk, here are the five coziest rug materials.


Vintage Eliza from Baroque by NuLoom

Wool is a natural fiber that has a detailed history dating back centuries. Garments fashioned from wool have been a mainstay for quite some time. Rugs crafted from the material have been uncovered from as early as 6000 B.C.

Wool is a popular choice for area rugs because it’s incredibly soft and pleasant. A wool rug will feel luxurious to the touch and boasts additional bonuses. Wool is an extremely durable rug fiber and is naturally stain-resistant, making it a top pick for high traffic areas. With proper maintenance, a wool rug can welcome toes for decades.


Bahama from Panama Jack Bohemian by United Weavers of America

Olefin rugs are widely-used inside and outside because of the fiber’s many attractive characteristics. A hallmark quality of olefin rugs is its vibrant colors. Olefin rugs are lightweight and fade and mildew-resistant, which is why olefin rugs are an excellent choice for an indoor or outdoor rug.

With its pleasing feel, olefin rugs make for a stylish addition to the patio, deck, or poolside. Olefin’s budget-friendly price tag helps make it a great option for a spring spruce up.


Hand Loomed Rosa Tassel Rug from Halette by NuLoom

Like wool, cotton is a natural fiber with a long history throughout the world. Cotton is thought to have originated in the Indus River Valley in Pakistan. The fiber came to Europe in 800 A.D. and was basically ingrained throughout the globe by the 1500s. As a rug fiber, cotton is not as durable as wool or polypropylene but it does boast a snug feel. Unlike olefin, polyester and polypropylene, cotton is not recommended for outdoor use.

If you’re searching for an inexpensive rug to occupy a cozy spot next to the bed or when stepping out of the shower, cotton fits the bill. Cotton rugs clean up quick. Most cotton rugs can be tossed into the washing machine and air-dried. Kids and pets won’t mind curling up on a cotton rug to read or play thanks to its snug-as-a-bug feel.


TG-01 from Tangier Shag by Loloi

A synthetic fiber, polyester is an inexpensive pick for a rug. Polyester rugs deliver on durability and stand up well to outside elements, which is why it can easily and comfortably slide underfoot on the porch or patio.

People will appreciate the inviting feel of a polyester rug along with its low maintenance needs. Offered in a range of hues, a polyester rug can welcome spring and summer inside or out. Unlike other synthetic fibers, polyester will show repeated wear and tear. If you have kids or pets, a low traffic area is a better option for a polyester rug.


Vintage Madeline from Bodrum by NuLoom

Like olefin and wool, polypropylene is a hot pick for area rugs. The synthetic fiber delivers on an affordable price and is relatively low maintenance. Polypropylene is stain and fade-resistant and is available in an array of colors and designs that will immediately brighten up your home.

The fiber also stands up well to foot traffic and is simple to clean, which is a plus for households with children and pets.

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