Common Mid Century Rug Patterns

Alane Moroccan Tassel Shaggy from Expo Lux by NuLoom

Mid-century modern rugs are perfect if you want your floors to have an abstract and unique look. They help bring texture and quality to your living room with a cool, retro look. Mid-century designs are perfect if you want to bring some attention to your floors. The patterns in these designs are bold and eye-catching. They’re also perfect if you appreciate bold and complicated art in your home.

These are the most common patterns you’ll see in mid-century modern rugs.

Geometric Shapes

KNY120A from Kenya Wool by Safavieh

One of the most common designs for mid-century rugs is geometric shapes. The shapes in these rugs can be circles, diamonds or even triangles. They can also include strange polygons and shapes that don’t have a name. The shapes in geometric rugs also include shapes and patterns that have been stacked together, layered, or mixed.

Floral Designs

COS-9265 from Cosmopolitan by Surya

While floral designs are often associated with traditional designs, lovers of nature will be happy to know what mid-century rugs often feature floral designs too. Mid-century rugs feature many different kinds of floral designs. From a single plant to designs that look like fall leaves. The thing that sets mid-century rugs apart from other floral rugs is the boldness of their patterns. Rather than intricate symmetrical patterns, mid-century modern rugs are often abstract and adventurous.

Floral rugs help bring light and warmth to any room. They can also help compliment your wall colors and your wall decor. 

Warm and Neutral Colors

Pixel Trellis Julian from Plymouth by NuLoom

Even though most mid-century rug designs are known for their bold colors, you can still find some available in warm neutrals. Warm and neutral colors are perfect if you live in a smaller home. Lighter colors can make any room look more spacious. Warm colors help to create a calm environment.

A beige colored rug is perfect if you don’t want it to clash with your couch. A beige rug goes with just about any couch or decor. You can find warm colored mid-century rugs with all sorts of different designs, from plants to abstract shapes. 

Vibrant Color Patterns

Alane Moroccan Tassel Shaggy from Expo Lux by NuLoom

Vibrant color patterns rugs are perfect if your decor is simple. A vibrant rug will bring attention to any room no matter how plain its walls and decor are. If you’re looking for a rug to match your all black couch, you need vibrant colors.

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