How to Use A Zebra Rug

ZU-01 from Zulu by Loloi

If you’re looking to stay on trend and flaunt your style, look no further than the zebra rug. The zebra rug has been around forever and is always being reinvented. This print can be a true game-changer taking an ordinary room to extraordinary.

It’s important to seriously consider how to use a zebra rug. This tell-tale print can be used strategically to invite impact. You could simply do what celebrities do and dive into zebra in all its Instagram glory. You’ll find celebs make space for this eye-catching print no matter how serene their space. Otherwise, consider layering a zebra rug with the traditional pieces you already have in place. Whether you’re looking for a thematic scene-stealer or a way to bring a natural element into your home, you’re sure to wow with a zebra rug in place.

Natural Element

CAM709Q from Cambridge by Safavieh

It can be overwhelming to incorporate zebra print into your abode. However, once you start thinking of zebra as an element of nature it becomes easy to add these tell-tail stripes just as you would any other natural element. Consider the CS29 as an easy way to dive into this trend by hinting at nature without being too straightforward. You’ll find that this busy print can add excitement to any space.

Just as you bring nature in with items such as potted plants and earthy décor, you can bring in zebra in small doses. Try using your zebra rug to create a natural space within the larger scope of your room rather than keeping it front and center. You may find this helps you better transition the piece into your space.


KR-01 from Kiara Shag by Loloi

It can be helpful to think of themes in your home. Having a theme allows you to transition from room to room while keeping a central element. You can easily use zebra as a thematic element in your home when you let the stripes tell the story.

Pick up a piece like the abstract G-5060 for a modern zebra update. Or try the G-5128 which evokes water and movement while hinting at zebra stripes. You can also stray a little further afield with the G-5135 which borrows the black and white concept and leaves the true zebra behind. Remember to think about zebra as a theme rather than one specific hide and you’ll find a multitude of uses for your zebra rug.


Parker from Geology by Artistic Weavers

If you have your heart set on a traditional zebra hide-style rug, layering is the perfect way to use it. Layering will depend on the size of your space. If you have a larger space to work with, you can use a rug like the ZU-01 on top of a basic jute or low-pile rug.

You can also use your zebra rug to draw attention to a special seating area and highlight it within your space. Why not consider getting creative by using the ZD-01 by layering it over an outdoor stone setting. This unexpected combination is sure to draw guests approval and interest as they gather in style.


ZU-01 from Zulu by Loloi

The real reason zebra is such a cool choice is because it’s a celebrity favorite. It’s easy to see why when zebra can be bold and beautiful in thick stripes, playful with the outline of a hide or sensual with a hint of graphic detail. Celebs use zebra as a neutral in pale undertones.

You can also find plenty of examples of celebrities using a bold, almost psychedelic print, to add some graphic impact. Think about trying something beautifully framed like the Zulu that is sure to be spotted across celebrity Instagram feeds. Another popular choice is to hint at a real hide but use a fake one instead.

Be Unexpected

Hand Tufted Plush Zebra from Feral by NuLoom

Zebra can be a little out-of-the-box for some, so why not take it a step further and make it truly unexpected? Consider the ZD-01 zebra print in bright blue. Guests are sure to sit up and take notice when you create a space this unexpected and fun.

You can also use zebra print on pillows or throws. You can even consider draping traditional hide over a coffee table or back of a sofa. Guests will be surprised at the ease in which you incorporate zebra and your space will always be creative and cool.

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