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WV-01 from Wild Bloom by Loloi

Floral isn’t just for springtime. This cheerful pattern should in your home year-round. Floral patterns are a paradox. They’re bold, and gentle; wild, and soothing; youthful, yet mature. They will bring a perpetual spring to your home, as well as sunshine and liveliness to any area that needs a bit of a pick-me-up.

Where do you start? Well, that’s entirely up to you. You don’t want to go overboard with the florals and turn your house into an overgrown garden, but if you channel your inner Goldilocks and get those flowers just right, your house will be beautifully kept and wow guests with its charm and timeless beauty.



Floral wallpaper is making a comeback. Channel classic 60’s décor by sprucing up your bare walls with some floral wallpaper. Covering all four walls can make a room look smaller and feel claustrophobic. Instead, choose a single wall and wallpaper it; this will be your accent wall and add a lovely three-dimensionality to the rest of your room.

Floral wallpaper makes interior décor a whole lot simpler. There’s a whole wall that you don’t need to do anything with because it’s essentially one giant work of art. Floral wallpaper is so busy that you rarely need to do much to complement it, just keep it simple and pick out a few key pieces that go with the colors you choose. Wallpaper, in general, is very durable, and unlike paint, won’t chip (although after a while, it will peel in certain areas).

Wallpaper, floral or not, is a serious investment because removing wallpaper can be a pretty daunting task. Newer wallpapers are often strippable, which means they can be a lot easier to remove than older wallpaper, which might require water or chemicals. You can also use a steamer, but it takes longer and can burn your hands.


WV-01 from Wild Bloom by Loloi

Floral rugs are a great way to decorate your bare floor. They open up the space and bring color and softness to your room. There are many types of floral rugs, so let’s take a look at a variety of designs.

Some floral rugs have more of a geometric, balanced pattern, reminiscent of paisley patterned rugs. This 8E by Oriental Weavers is a great example of a symmetrical floral rug that is a bit more understated; if you want a rug but don’t want too much of an overwhelming accent piece.

On the other hand, some floral rugs are very bright and colorful, and more outwardly floral– meaning, you can see the individual flowers and leaves, and symmetry isn’t particularly a concern. Instead, this rug captures the colorful and lively essence of gardens, like the FC-60 rug by Loloi, which comes in three designs, each in varying hues and tones.

Other florals might be a bit more abstract; say the Abstract Blossoms Lilla Shaggy rug by NuLoom. This rug is painted with a beautiful watercolor design, each flower a different shade, and each petal contrasting with its striking center hue. These flowers, which are more similar to geodes than to any flower in particular, still offer a vivacious beauty that will bring your guests jealously and awe.



Looking for something to cover your windows? Look no further than floral curtains, which can be both practical AND decorative. Not only can curtains block out unwanted sunlight or glare, but they can also make a room feel cozier, and give your household a little privacy.

This doesn’t mean that your curtains have to be ugly. Floral curtains can add a little something to your decorative scheme, too. Think about it; they’re essentially a canvas that hangs across your window!


Black Jungle Pillow

Unlike wallpaper or an area rug, pillows are a relatively low-risk purchase; they’re not a serious investment. If you don’t like them anymore, place them on the guest bed and nobody will be the wiser.

Bright floral pillows can brighten up what might otherwise be a drab and empty couch. They will also make lounging around infinitely more comfortable, providing a place to rest your head when you accidentally fall asleep watching a movie. If you’re feeling particularly organized, match your pillows with your curtain or rug; it’s fairly easy and your room will seem so much more put-together.


Parsons Chair

If you really like flowers, you might be thinking, why get just pillows when I can get an entire floral couch instead? And boy, do we support that. Floral furniture (as long as it isn’t dreadfully overdone) can bring a timeless coziness to your home, reminiscent of wild gardens, warm summers, and cool tea on the porch.

This Ollano accent chair is wonderfully retro, and not too overdone, either. The muted tones of yellow, periwinkle and light coral all complement each other, as well as the vibrant green vines they’re sprouting from.

If you have a penchant for Cheshire cats, rabbit holes, and playing cards, you might like the Fawcett Alice in Wonderland Bench. This bench is just as eclectic as the story, featuring forest greens and watermelon pinks, a striped blue seat, and multicolored roses on top.



Sometimes it’s the little things that matter, and sometimes the little things live in the kitchen and go by the names Spoon, Cup, and Coffeemaker. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about kitchenware. There is nothing that brightens your day more than bowls shaped like delicate flower petals or plates with a groovy flower stamped in the middle. And you thought eating couldn’t get more fun? Think again.


Rhino Planter

The most accurate way to bring a garden inside your home is, well, to decorate with actual flowers! For those of you with a green thumb, it might be time to use it. Common indoor flowers that won’t immediately shrivel up and die are:

  • Bromeliads, which are colorful and tropical and grow easily in low light conditions. Their flowers last a long time, too.
  • Poinsettias are the classic Christmas plants you see shoved in people’s window boxes every winter. However, these plants thrive all year long!
  • As long as jasmine gets a few hours of direct sunlight a day, it’ll bloom beautifully and provide a lovely fragrance in your home.
  • The crown of thorns plant has been told to predict the fortune of its keeper. Test your luck!
  • Orchids are graceful and one of the most beautiful flower types, coming in a variety of delicate hues. A key planting tip: orchids don’t grow in regular potting soil, because in the wild, many orchids grow high up in trees.


To inspire your floral decoration, we’ve put together a virtual mood board that will help guide your decorative journey. Enjoy!

Floral Pattern 1

There’s nothing more striking than a brightly colored floral art print. It’s a stark contrast against the antique white of the dresser, yet the leafy plant beside it complements its green center.

Floral Pattern 2

Floral and neon go together like peanut butter and jelly, and neon is another rising trend that brings a retro feel to your home.

Floral Pattern 3

Spruce up your dining table with a floral runner, which will bring color and a bohemian touch to your meals. In this setup, the color of the foods complements the table runner and the flowers at the end of the table beautifully, the hues blending together in a cheerful rainbow.

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