How To Use A 3×5 Area Rug

Bordered Chloe Sisal Rug from Natura Sisal by NuLoom

A 3×5 rug is a small rug with a large job. It’s an entry-level rug size for people experimenting with rugs. Most people love to show off their wood or tile floors, but a rug can enhance the look of a room, so a small rug is the perfect beginner’s rug.

What can a 3×5 rug do?  This is the perfect size for a small room. It can welcome guests into your home with style. A 3×5 rug can protect your floor at entryways, high-traffic zones and areas of heavy use. It can define a space in a larger room and enhance the décor of a small room.  A 3×5 rug can add warmth to a bedroom.

Choosing a Rug

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For some, purchasing a rug is a tough decision. There are so many choices in designs and styles. A 3×5 rug is an affordable option and a great introduction to floor decorating. This size is easy to roll up and carry. If you don’t like it for one room, take it to another and see if it works there. They’re easy to experiment with.

Think of a rug as art for the floor. A rug can accent furniture and enhance the overall look of a room. This art needs regular cleaning so invest in a vacuum when you purchase your new rug.

Define a Space

Braided Shay Indoor Outdoor Rug from Festival by NuLoom

A 3×5 rug can define a specific area of a room. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting or wood, tile, or an alternative type of flooring, defining an area in a room is easy with a small rug. A 3×5 rug can be placed under a reading chair in a den. It can be used as a play area in a child’s bedroom or a common living area where you want to confine toys, books, and games.

A 3×5 rug can fit perfectly in front of a sofa. With the popularity of the sectional and chaise sofas, the 3×5 rug is a good size that will not overwhelm a room, while providing a warm, soft place to put your feet. Use this size of a rug in a small apartment or in a room where you want to anchor your sofa or occasional chair.

High Traffic Areas

Bordered Chloe Sisal Rug from Natura Sisal by NuLoom

A 3×5 rug can protect floors in small areas with high traffic. Most people will track dirt into the house even if they use a doormat. Rather than placing a typically small-sized doormat to wipe your shoes on when you enter your home, fill the space with a 3×5 rug. Since this is a place to get the most wear in your home, change it out often. Clean this foyer rug often since it collects the most dirt and use a rug pad underneath for extra protection for the floor.

Experiment with styles and designs. A solid color to match your main room décor might be a great choice to start. A trellis design in 2 colors would be a conservative move toward design as would a transitional rug.  But if you’re feeling bold, try a rug as a statement piece, in a mid-century modern or contemporary style.

Floor Protection

OR-01 from Orian Shag by Loloi

If you have space, a non-galley kitchen is a perfect room to put a rug, especially if your appliances are across the room from each other. Rather than placing a series of mat-sized rugs in front of the stove and sink, use one 3×5 rug to protect your kitchen floor from the back-and-forth walking movement typical when cooking and cleaning. Unnoticed spills can be hazardous, but with a washable rug in the kitchen, you have protection from slips and falls on a wet surface.

Rugs in the bathroom are both practical and stylish. A bathroom that can accommodate a 3×5 rug is a great place to use just one rug, rather than smaller ones placed in front of the shower, sinks, and tub. A soft, washable 3×5 rug made of cotton is a good choice for a bathroom. But any washable rug will work. Remember to wipe your floor often under any rug in the bathroom to avoid water damage or mildew.

In a home office or craft room, rather than risk scratching your floor with an office chair, use a 3×5 rug. If you already have wall to wall carpet, layer a 3×5 rug over your carpet to protect the carpet from your chair’s movement. A rug under your desk catches dirt from your shoes or provides a soft, warm spot for bare feet. An area rug also adds style to your home office.

Outdoor Rugs

MTM-1010 from Maritime by Surya

A small porch, deck or patio can accommodate a 3×5 rug. A rug made for the outdoors would enhance an outside seating area.  Place a 3×5 rug near a pool where you can stand to dry off without feeling the heat underfoot from the pool deck or pavement.

Position a 3×5 rug in front of sliding or French doors to the backyard. If you entertain often, have a few rugs on hand to decorate your backyard space.

Tips for Using a 3×5 Rug

PC-02 from Panache by Loloi

Always use a rug pad beneath your 3×5 rug. Even outdoor rug pads are available to allow water to drain away from the rug and avoid mildew problems. Rug pads protect your floors and help avoid wood rot on most decks.

Purchase a quality rug to keep the corners and ends from curling. If your rug does have a problem with curling, there are a few ways to remedy the problem. Consult your rug merchant for cleaning tips or read the label.

Move rugs around the house to change the décor. Keep a few styles on hand for seasonal changes or if you entertain often. Rolled up, a 3×5 rug is easy to store in a closet or under a bed.

Bring your outdoor rug inside during cold winter months to extend the life of the material.

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