Rugs Buying Guide For Kids Rooms

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As the saying goes, a rug is what ties the room together, which is why it can be one of the biggest decisions to make when choosing home decor. Picking a rug requires a bit of research to ensure the best decision is made. This is not only for style purposes but also for functionality.

For some, decorating a child’s room can be a bit of a challenge, because usually, the style of a child’s room is going to vary from the rest of the house and be unique to their age, interests, and personality. Rugs come in all different shapes, sizes, patterns, and materials, so which is best for your little one? At the end of the day, it comes down to your preferences.

Rug vs Carpet

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When it comes to decorating your kids’ room(s), you always want to have a soft place for them to play and run around, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice having beautiful hardwood floors.

Rugs are an excellent option that’s also much easier to clean. This is especially great if your child has bad allergies or asthma. Rugs are also something that can change as your child grows and matures. If you constantly love to change things up, having a rug rather than a carpet is the way to go. Of course, you can always put a rug over carpet.

Finding the Right Material

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When it comes to rugs, the most popular material is wool due to its durability and ability to withstand wear and tear. This makes it an especially great option for children’s rooms. It also repels liquid so it can withstand any spills. The only downside to wool rugs is that they can be on the pricier side.

For those who prefer cheaper synthetic fibers, nylon rugs are usually the most popular choice. Like wool rugs, they are made in endless amounts of colors. This material is also great at repelling dirt making it extremely easy to clean, which will be necessary for any child’s room. The only downside is that color can fade easier with Nylon, but as long as there isn’t too much traffic going over the rug, you should be fine.

Choosing a Pattern

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When choosing a pattern for your child’s room, the possibilities are endless. You can choose fun artsy patterns and bright colors, or keep things simple, modern, and chic. The main thing to think about is if you want to decorate around your rug, or if you want to choose your rug based on the colors and style of your child’s room.

For example, if your décor is full of bright, fun colors and patterns, you want your rug to neutralize everything to prevent it from looking too busy. Likewise, if you want a fun rug, everything else in the room should be decorated around that.

Choosing the Right Size

Stasia Diamond Shag from Airy Shag by NuLoom

The biggest factor when it comes to size is the size of the bed. It’s said that a 6’x’9 or 7’x10’ is ideal for a twin bed and an 8’x10′ is ideal for a full. In most cases, you want one-third of the carpet under the bed and two-thirds of the carpet out to one side; leaving room for a side table and lamp. If a circular rug is more your taste, you want it big enough to fit on either side of the bed, preferably the side closest to the door of the bedroom.

If you’re decorating a nursery rather than a bedroom, a bigger rug in the center of the room would perfectly tie it together. Up to a 9’ x ’12 would work, as long as all of the furniture anchors the edges. If you don’t want to use a big area rug you can utilize smaller accent rugs to be placed under the crib or in front of the changing table. These are the places you need a soft place to stand.

Keeping Safety In Mind

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As parents, the number one thing we all want to keep in mind is safety. Nonetheless, it can be easy to overlook the hazards of a rug. If not properly secured, there can be some nasty falls that otherwise could have been avoided. The simple solution is investing in a good rug pad. This will not only ensure that the rug stays in place, but also prevent the rug from bunching up.

Other than providing safety from slips and trips, rug pads will ensure that the rug lasts longer by providing some much-needed cushion. Overall, a rug pad is a good idea.

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