Popular Red Rug Shades

HER-2318 from Herati by Surya

Even after deciding on a color there are a lot of different shades to choose from. Red rugs can be used for a wide variety of purposes.


CAP212Q from Cape Cod by Safavieh

One of the darkest shades of red is Ruby. Ruby is a luxurious and dramatic shade. If you’re dealing with a lot of space in a big house, a ruby rug is just what you need. Its dark shade will make the space more intimate. Ruby and white compliment each other so beautifully.


BRD452Q from Braided by Safavieh

Scarlet is a mixture of red with a small splash of orange. Scarlet rugs come in a variety of styles. A lot are available in geometric style, making them for someone who loves abstract shapes. If you’re looking for a bathroom rug, consider a scarlet rug set. This fun shade will transform any ordinary bathroom into one that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine.


DDY702Q from Dip Dyed by Safavieh

Poppy rugs make a sweet addition to any home. Your loved ones will appreciate this stunning, warm shade. Many poppy rugs are available in floral designs. They’re perfect for anyone who loves nature.


Vintage Marissa Fringe from Mystic by NuLoom

Salmon is a mixture of red and light pink. It’s perfect if you’re into lively colors that aren’t too dramatic. Salmon is one of the warmest shades of red. A salmon rug will brighten any room that it is placed in.


HER-2318 from Herati by Surya

A raspberry red rug is the perfect gift for those who love nature and all things healthy. This rich tone will help bring life and warmth to any home without being too dramatic or eyecatching. A raspberry rug makes for a great pop of color in a farmhouse living room.


MAE14 from Maxell by Nourison

This shade is inspired by roses. A rose-red rug brings a natural feeling along with its warm tone. Rose should be used in a kitchen, dining room or entryway.


CLV302A from Classic Vintage Cotton & Polyester .5 by Safavieh

This shade is created by mixing dark red and purple. The results are a dramatic and alluring shade that leaves home with an elegant sophisticated feeling.

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