How to Mature Your Space

Use window Treatments

New beginnings are exciting. Moving into a space that’s all yours, with your stuff, and that’s solely your responsibility is intoxicating and nerve-wracking at the same time. Sometimes, you realize, in your new space, that the things you owned and used before are a little, well, juvenile.

This could occur when leaving for college, or moving out of your parents’ house permanently, or moving into your new place after college, or even after you’ve gotten everything set up in your new space, no matter the circumstances. Or, you may run into a different problem: being unable to fill a space that is all your own with the meager possessions from your childhood bedroom. Read on for some tips on making your space look more mature!

Frame pictures, posters, and art, and hang them.

Frame Pictures, Posters and Art and Hang Them

There is nothing that screams “immature” more than posters taped to a wall. You get bonus points if they have ripped, torn, or frayed edges. Taping posters or pictures to a wall certainly looks juvenile, but it also can damage the paint on the wall, or your picture or poster. None of these options are particularly desirable. It may seem silly, but shelling out a little bit of money to frame your pictures and posters is an easy way not only to care for your walls and pictures but also to make your space look like a mature adult lives there.

Another important part of this tip is making sure to hang up your art. It shows that you care about your walls, your art, and the way your space looks. Caring about and taking pride in your possessions and your space shows maturity.

Invest in lasting furniture and utensils.

Invest in Lasting Furniture and Utensils

Another way to make your space show immaturity is to use the plastic or cheap wood furniture that everyone gets when they move out past the time it is appropriate to do so. Besides the fact that plastic and low-quality wood furniture look cheap, they also look temporary. Temporary is fine for a college student, who moves from dorm to dorm to apartment every year, but for an adult, it seems immature. Invest in some quality pieces that you can take from home to home without easily damaging. The money spent will be worth it, not only aesthetically, but also in longevity.

Another sign of immaturity is using plastic, or worse, disposable, utensils and dinnerware. Mature adults own utensils and dinnerware that can be reused and washed without worry that it will melt or become deformed. Try serving utensils like these, and plates that you love.

Use window treatments – besides the ones that come with your space.

Use window Treatments

A great way to pull a room together is to add window treatments. Not only is using the provided window treatments not necessarily a fantastic idea, as they may be damaged or otherwise lacking, they are also typically not attractive. An excellent way to not only pull a room together, but also make it look like you like and care about your space, is adding curtains. You can use room-darkening curtains, blackout curtains, or just some nice ones you like that will prevent people from seeing in at night.

Depending on how you hang them, curtains can make your space and your windows look much larger, as well as making your ceilings appear higher! Try a set like these lovely ones, and hang them near ceiling level, making sure they are still long enough to reach the ground. Also, hang the curtains so that when they are open, they do not overlap the window at all. This tricks the eye into thinking the ceilings are higher and the window is longer and wider.

Re-pot your plants in planters.

Repot your plants

Everyone at one point is guilty of buying a plant and leaving it in the plastic container in which it came for weeks or even months. Plastic planters are ugly and temporary. They frequently leak, or crack, or break entirely. Re-planting your plants in permanent planters not only adds beauty to your space, but also is better for the plant, your floors, and you. Touching dirt and working with nature is therapeutic, and repotting your plant is the easiest way to touch earth.

Besides the added beauty, therapeutic action, protection of your space, and sense of permanence, replanting your plants in permanent containers shows maturity, because it shows that you know what is best for your “plant babies,” and can care for them. It also shows that you care about the space in which you live because you are trying not to cause damage, another certain sign of maturity.

Clean up and organize!

Clean Up And Organize

The biggest and best tip to mature your space is organizing and cleaning it. There is a reason that teenagers are associated with messy and dirty rooms; usually, they are lacking the maturity to care for their space and their belongings. They have not yet entirely learned the value of things, and that caring for them is part of taking pride in them. Organizing your belongings is essential for showing maturity. It shows you have learned what your possessions’ values are, and that you are mature enough to appreciate that and care for your belongings accordingly.

Similarly, cleaning is also imperative. Besides the fact that it shows maturity as a means of caring for your space and belongings, cleaning your spaces regularly is good for you! It is an accomplishment, which boosts mood and self-esteem. Cleaning is also good for your physical health. Besides the obvious fact that it prevents disease and aggravated allergies, it also counts as exercise. Say goodbye to the gym one day a week by using that day to deep-clean your home!

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