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The bedroom can sometimes be the one oasis in today’s busy lifestyle as people try to balance life. Retreating into the bedroom for much needed quiet time to kick back and relax is a necessary component, which is why this space generally focuses on being comfy and cozy. From bedding to curtains to furniture, bedroom décor is welcoming and snug. When designing a bedroom to deliver a restful feel, remember to include the flooring accents. Just like curling into an inviting quilt surrounded by soft pillows to read a book or watch a favorite show is exhilarating, so is sinking the toes down into a plush rug when slipping off the shoes and socks after a long day. While there is certainly a wide array of stylish rug designs that look fabulous in a bedroom, not all rug materials are known for having a supple touch.

Some natural rugs are top picks for the home for many reasons, but jute, sisal, hemp, and seagrass are not known for a lush feel. When shopping for a bedroom rug, durability is not as vital since the accent rug will not be in a high traffic area like an entryway or family room. For bedrooms, it is okay to center on an agreeable feel that will add to the relaxed and fashionable atmosphere of the room. Thankfully, there are a lot of smart choices. Here are the best bedroom rug materials to make help make your bedroom a completely restful getaway.


KNY513A from Kenya Wool by Safavieh

Wool rugs are a popular pick for the bedroom because of its inviting feel. The natural rug fiber offers a lot of pluses including durability. Wool rugs work in both high and low traffic areas, adding a luxurious touch to bedroom floors. Naturally stain-resistant wool rugs also help keep the bedroom cooler in the summer months and warmer when Jack Frost starts nipping. With regular maintenance a wool rug can last for years, making it a great household investment.


SLK10 from Silken Allure by Nourison

Silk rugs have a long history and are of course noted for the material’s opulence. While not the most budget-friendly choice for an area rug, a silk rug is a perfect fit for the bedroom because of its appealing feel. Silk oriental rugs have adorned palace floors across the globe. Since silk rugs are an excellent choice for allergy sufferers, the rug material is a practical option for the bedroom. Not known for its durability, silk rugs are ideal for bedrooms since the room generally doesn’t see a great deal of foot traffic. Like wool, with proper care silk rugs can last for decades. Many silk oriental rugs have been passed down from generation to generation. Silk and wool blends offer a more affordable option.


Melaya from Bali by United Weavers of America

Olefin rugs are an in-demand flooring option because of the material’s versatility, durability and welcoming feel. This synthetic rug fiber works well indoors or outdoors and boasts a price tag that fits most budgets. Olefin rugs sport vibrant colors, making the fiber an attractive choice for the bedroom. This low maintenance rug material is a snuggly addition to a bedroom oasis.


MAI12 from KI Malta by Kathy Ireland

Chenille rugs are characterized by long pile with an inviting, plush feel. Chenille rugs are fashioned from a variety of materials, including cotton, rayon, and olefin. The material is sometimes paired with jute to soften the notoriously rough-feeling rug fiber. Chenille rugs are created by twisting short lengths between two central materials. The end result is what gives chenille rugs its uniquely posh feel, which definitely makes it an ideal bedroom flooring accent. Chenille is available as a blend with other popular rug materials like polypropylene and polyester as well.

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