9 Stylish Non-Slip Area Rugs

DAY101B Rug from Daytona by Safavieh

Rugs can protect your floors. They can protect you from slipping on a slick surface. But they should also be able to keep you from slipping when you step onto a rug.

PlushRugs generally recommends that you use a rug pad between the floor and the rug. Rug pads provide cushioning for a softer feel when you walk over the rug. The right rug pad can keep any rug from sliding across the floor.

But sometimes a rug purchaser just wants a simple rug with a slip-resistant backing. These rugs are generally low in pile; they are closer to the floor level than a higher pile rug sitting on top of a rug pad.

Non-skid backings are mainly made of latex. In recent years, consumers have grown averse to latex-backed rugs, which are applied with glue. Consequently, the variety and availability of this type of rug have diminished.  Generally, you can find non-slip rugs in kitchen and bath sections at local home stores, but there are a few manufacturers that still make these non-skid-backed rugs in area-rug size.

Most larger rugs at PlushRugs come with a free rug pad, but not all companies offer this. So rug pads are an added and often unwanted expense to people on a budget. To get the most of a rug, there are some consumers that still want stylish, latex backed rugs. PlushRugs features rugs from a variety of collections with non-slip backings.

Non-slip rugs are useful for high traffic areas but look great anywhere in the house. Use this guide to find one for yourself.

Sea Isle Collection by Kaleen

SEA04 from Sea Isle by Kaleen

Stylish, coastal-themed rug patterns in bright, lively colors can add sunshine to your home. Bicycles, flamingoes, boat anchors, and pineapples are just a few of the patterns in this collection of non-slip rugs. Made of polypropylene, most are available in sizes up to 9’ x 12’. The larger sizes do come with a free rug pad that you can use indoors for extra cushioning. Sea Isle rugs come in small doormat and runner sizes, too. Used outdoors, Sea Isle rugs provide a slip-free surface for your patio, deck or pool deck.

SEA13 is a fun bicycle motif rug featuring 2 beach cruisers passing by one behind the other. In grey or blue, this rug can fit in a bunk room or simply placed in front of your sofa. With a non-slip backing, SEA13 works great in a playroom, too.  Durable polypropylene material makes it worthy of a home with high traffic and loads of guests.

Invite some crabby friends to the party with SEA02. This repeating crab patterned rug features a white background with red and sand colored crabs. SEA02 looks nice outdoors on the patio or deck. Use it indoors where family and friends gather.

Safavieh’s Aztec Rugs

AZT203C from Aztec by Safavieh

Aztec Rugs offer brilliant colors and unique patterns. Images on these rugs include bold gem mosaics, crocheted designs and a quilted look. Aztec collection rugs are floor art, like placing a painting down to walk on. The non-skid coating underneath will help to keep you safe from slipping. Power loomed nylon, each are available in a variety of sizes up to 8’ x 10’. These rug designs might encourage you to purchase a bright colored sofa or side chair to pull out your favorite color in the pattern.

AZT203C is a colorful area rug resembling alternating arrows of color. Predominantly blue, this rug features the other two primary colors, yellow and red for a dynamite look. Kind of retro, kind of contemporary, AZT203C makes a great living room rug for your apartment or loft. Use it under your dining table or in a hallway. Comes in smaller sizes and as a runner, this non-slip rug will stay put on a tile, wood or concrete floor.

AZT205G is a bright gemstone mosaic design. Use as a centerpiece in your living room or den, your guests will be mesmerized with this piece of floor art. It would also look great in a home office. Keep the kiddos busy counting the stones, tracing around them or drawing their own masterpiece to mimic your new unique floor covering. This rug can only enhance a monochromatic room. Add solid pillows to your sofa and chairs in colors from this rug to tie it all together. Made of nylon, this non-slip rug comes in a variety of sizes.

Daytona Rugs by Safavieh

DAY101B Rug from Daytona by Safavieh

Some of these rugs look almost 3D. Others are either whimsical, tie-dyed and floral. Rain-blurred trellis and chevron patterns

DAY107A is a three-dimensional image in white and grey. Designed with building blocks in mind, you get the idea that parts of the rug are higher than others. Definitely a conversation piece, this rug would be a fun accent piece in an apartment, loft or office. The non-skid backing on this Daytona rug might help to keep you from losing your balance walking on the featured 3D art. Available in only three sizes, use it in your kitchen, living room or underneath your dining table.

DAY112M is loaded with color. This brilliant, repeating diamond-trellis pattern in fuschia and purple is a perfect accent to a boring room. Place in your bedroom, home office or foyer for added contemporary style.

Kaleen’s Yunque Collection

YUN05 from Yunque by Kaleen

Yunque rugs are tropical patterns for both indoor and outdoor use.  Use on your patio, deck or inside your house. Yunque rug designs are inspired by Puerto Rican forests and feature both birds and plants native to the island. They are UV treated to maintain color and are durable for out in the weather.

YUN04 has a hummingbird motif. Several are flying near flowers to get at the nectar. This rug is handmade of polypropylene and comes in two color choices: green or blue. Work it into your living room or place it on your patio for comfort underfoot.

YUN01 is strictly a foliage pattern featuring palms. The colors in this design are blue, sand, ivory and sunny gold; all the colors of a Caribbean beach view. Bring the coast indoors using this rug in your home office or keeping room. Works great outdoors, too.

Nourison Madera Rugs

Nourison has a collection of four rugs of sophisticated styles. Their designs are digitally printed on 100% polyester material and backed with a slip-resistant coating.  The patterns are a soft color palette and feature traditional and southwestern patterns.

MAD03 is a teal and ivory rug with a traditional print pattern that will look great with any style furnishings. Use in the dining room, living room or bedroom. Visit the Madera rug collection to pick our your next classic style, non-slip rug.

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