Durable Flooring Options

choosing flooring

Homeowners know how big of an investment flooring is, and choosing the wrong type for any room in your home can be disastrous. Daily wear, children, pets, and moisture can cause serious damage to your flooring if you’re not selective. There are options that are not only durable but stylish, so no sacrifices need to […]

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Spring Cleaning Scheme

spring cleaning (1)

(Shhh don’t tell the kids! ) Last week marks the first, official day of Spring!  Now that spring is here, we can expect warmer weather…and unfortunately, spring cleaning. Let’s face it, nobody likes spring cleaning; unless you’re Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Knowing where to start is hard enough, but getting the family to pitch in is […]

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Natural Ways to Clean a Rug


Rugs endure spills and other catastrophes, and it is important to know how to deep clean your rugs without damaging the fibers. Most people just buy a carpet cleaner from their nearest cleaning aisle and get to work on the rug. While it may damage your carpet, it may also do something worse – like damage […]

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14 Inspiring Ideas for your Porch this Halloween.


Halloween is almost here! The little ghosts and ghouls will be out soon for excitement and candy. Use these images to help decorate your porch to make the night even more fun!   Classy: You can’t go wrong keeping it classy. Pumpkins and flowers are a perfect seasonal decor and best yet, you don’t always […]

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