Plushy Awards: Top 50 Home Decor Blogs

Plushy Awards

Now-a-days you don’t have to be a professional interior designer to put together a great looking space. There are countless resources out there to inspire you, guide you, and help you realize your home’s potential. We have compiled a list of our favorite home decorating blogs to read and follow. Some are specific to interior […]

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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Poaching


Cow hide rugs and fur floor coverings are making a major comeback in the interior design world. The rustic look and unique textures of these rugs are a favorite among interior designers. Van Pelt Industries is taking that trend one step further with their new Endangered Accents collection of area rugs. Sheep wool does not […]

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3 Most Extreme Rugs That Will Blow Your Mind!


The words “extreme” and “rug” are rarely found in the same sentence…or even the same paragraph for that matter. However, there is no better adjective to describe the following wonders than “extreme.”   The Largest Rug in the World The largest rug in the world is a prayer mat in the massive Sheikh Zayed Grand […]

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Introductions: “I’m Rug Burgundy?”


Welcome to the blog! We have all been confused by the tricky and often ambiguous “rules” of interior design. In addition to being your number one source for high quality rugs, PlushRugs will now be able to provide you with important interior design news, guides, and how-to’s. Of course, it won’t be all business. […]

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