7 Great Dining Room Rug Ideas

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A dining room rug provides a wonderful element of color and style on which to base your dining room. Below are eight examples of how a great area rug was used to enhance a dining room space. 1. Simply Symmetrical   With it’s simple neutral-colored floor, walls, and chairs, this dining room was easily jazzed […]

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5 Ways to Rethink the Bookshelf

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Not that there’s anything wrong with the classic bookshelf overflowing with your favorite books, but, bookshelves can be used for so much more! Bookshelves are a versatile storage solution. Start with the Update Before placing the bookshelf in your home to use as your new storage solution, consider giving it a makeover. What’s the accent color in […]

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Wall Textiles


Decorators and stylists know that rugs can be as effective off the floor as they are on it. Used in photo shoots and catalogs as wall hangings, rugs tend to be a secret weapon in the mission to create beautiful interesting rooms. Hanging rugs on a wall can be a great way to create a statement. […]

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Design Style Defined: Contemporary

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The Contemporary style is the most elusive, mostly because it’s always changing. Contemporary literally means, “of the present time; modern.” What the dictionary doesn’t tell us is that Contemporary and Modern style are not the same. The modern interior design style can probably be referred to as retro, now. It features rounded edges, plush rugs […]

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Using a Statement Piece

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Interior design is all about creating one look out of multiple, separate pieces. However, sometimes, a space needs a little pizazz. In order to prevent too much busy-ness or conflicting patterns and colors, many rely on a statement piece. A statement piece can be anything; a rug, accent wall, larger furniture items, or even light […]

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Spring Cleaning Scheme

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(Shhh don’t tell the kids! ) Last week marks the first, official day of Spring!  Now that spring is here, we can expect warmer weather…and unfortunately, spring cleaning. Let’s face it, nobody likes spring cleaning; unless you’re Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Knowing where to start is hard enough, but getting the family to pitch in is […]

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Pop of Color – A Refresher


A pop of color can add some life and spice to a space, create intrigue, or even aim to shock. This trend has by no means faded. Here’s how you can start adding extra zest through strategic color choices in your home. The First Rule – The 60-30-10 Rule When it comes to decorating a […]

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