The 14 Most Popular Rugs of 2014

Sometimes when shopping for a new rug, it can be helpful to see what other shoppers have purchased. We’ve compiled a list of our top selling products for 2014 to give you an idea of what other shoppers are purchasing for their homes. Maybe they can assist you in your search. Shag comes in a […]

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15 Moroccan Designs Trending in Rugs

This Moroccan rug design, called beni ourain has found a comfortable home in western interior design. This geometric design is a huge hit with designers and décor experts because the fairly simple pattern casually dresses up any design scheme. Some refer to this design as a goes-with-anything Moroccan rug. Within a traditional setting, it adds […]

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7 Coastal Decorating Tips

7 Coastal Decorating Tips PlushBlog

Crisp white, paired with sea blue and rough beige. That is the basic color scheme for most coastal themed decor.This thematic decor has been popular along the coast and lake houses for quite some time. It’s also starting to become commonplace in landlocked homes. Who doesn’t want to come home to comfort and luxury, reminiscent […]

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