What to Expect

At PlushBlog, we want you to honestly enjoy the rugs you put on your floors – especially when you’re investing in a quality piece like the ones we sell. If you’re upgrading an aging rug, moving into a new home, or adding your first “grownup” floor covering, we want you to feel confident in your ownership.

What to expect from a wool rug:

Wool is the highest-quality natural fiber used in the making of rugs. Wool rugs are the kind that become family heirlooms. They can withstand heavy traffic and age gracefully, as well as improve air quality.

However, they do shed. A lot. It may seem to inexperienced buyers that their rug is falling apart. Rest assured, it’s very common for a rug to shed for a month after it’s been placed in a home. Hand-knotted rugs will shed less than hand-tufted; the knots hold the fibers in more tightly. It’s recommended that you vacuum the rug at least once a week for this first month. Be sure to disable the beater bar so the top of the pile isn’t damaged.

What to expect from a handmade rug:

Handmade rugs are among the most prestigious textiles ever created. Because of the intense amount of individual artistic work used to create each rug,you may find tiny deviations in the pattern or variation in the overall size. Recognizing this, PlushRugs allows up to an 8% variance in the size of handmade rugs.

Handmade rugs are also susceptible to fibers coming loose throughout their lifetimes. Your rug may arrive with loose fibers (aka “sprouts”) or may develop them over time. This is normal and easily fixed. Simply snip the sprout with sharp scissors until they are flush with the surface of the rug. Never pull the fibers out, which could lead to unraveling or loss of tufted fibers. Handmade rugs of any material, not just wool, may shed initially. This is normal and should slow over time.

When your rug arrives:

Once your rug is unwrapped, there are a couple things you may notice. The first is that the rug may have a smell to it (comparative to the first few days after new carpeting is installed in your home.) This scent should fade in a week or less. If you feel it is unusually strong, try unrolling the rug in an open place with indirect sunlight, like a garage or carport.

Occasionally a rug may arrive with creases in it or it may not lie flat immediately since the rug was rolled. Usually gravity takes care of it in a few days. If you’re still seeing creases where the rug was folded, try rolling the rug in the direction opposite than it arrived – if the rug was creased vertically, roll it back up horizontally for a day or two. In the rare case that this does not improve the creasing or help the rug lie flat, please contact us for further help.

Wear over time:

We suggest you rotate your rug every 3-6 months to prevent uneven wear caused by foot traffic, and to prevent fading if the rug is in partial or full sunlight. It’s also highly recommended to purchase a rug pad with your rug: it extends the life of the rug by absorbing some of the impact between the rug and the floor, feels softer underfoot, and keeps the rug from moving around.

If it doesn’t work out…
We’re sorry we couldn’t get it right the first time. Give us a call at (785) 856-2037 or email us at info@plushrugs.com and we can start the return process. The cost of shipping back to us depends on the size of the rug. We will issue a return authorization number that you should write as largely as possible on the outside of the packaging (most people use the plastic wrapping in which it was delivered.) Then take your package to the carrier of your choice. It’s wise to save your tracking number so we can monitor its journey back to the warehouse. When we check for damage and process the return back into stock, we can issue a full refund. PlushRugs doesn’t charge any restocking fees.

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